TMBO OA en GPM bezoekt de Internationale Pabo (ITEPs) in Meppel

Visiting the International Pabo in Meppel was an experience that’s not easily faded from my mind. When we arrived at the building in the early morning we were welcomed with a nice cup of coffee or tea, which itself was already great!

The students at the International Pabo organised some interesting workshops for us. One of the workshops was about how to work with children with invisible physical disabilities and teaching in the outdoors. After all the workshops we went inside for a fantastic school lunch.

Although the activities were fun, the one thing I really liked was the amount of information we got about what we could do with a Pabo diploma from ITEPs. For me that was the most interesting part of the whole trip.

Geschreven door Daniël Wolfis (TMBO-2).